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Safety Tips when Shopping at the Mall

In a crowded shopping mall, an easy target for a criminal is a distracted buyer. A shopper who has many bags leaves the criminal hoping that they will get to steal from your many items. There are instances when a criminal can steal from you easily. To stay safe as you shop, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

The position you choose to park at the parking lot should be well-lit. It is better when the area has security guards on duty. For ease when leaving after shopping, choose a spot near the entrance or exit. Do not stay at the parking lot for a long time because criminals will have an opportunity to attack you.

When you are leaving the mall and realize the it is dark and you are carrying many bags, request for help from a guard to help you to where you parked your car. Before the guard leaves, check around, under and inside your car to see if anyone is hiding there.

Try to cover them any valuable items that you leave in the car or keep them in the trunk. Covering electronics, and purses reduces the chances of a criminal breaking into your car.

Do not make an assumption that all shoppers in the mall are good people. A major distraction as you are in the mall are the things we are buying and the transactions we are making. Your money can be stolen while you are busy. Report any persons that make you feel unsafe.

Avoid hallways that are deserted and not properly lit. If you have to use a bathroom, look for one that is located in more trafficked area.

Avoid placing any valuables in the shopping basket.

Do not leave your children unattended. There are predators targeting them in the malls. Putting children on babysitters is another risk.

You can do an analysis of the security of a mall that you wish to shop from before going there. Find out if there are stations for security around the shopping mall, because you might need them if caught in an emergency.

When going to shop, carry as little as possible in your wallet. In the case where you become of robbery, you will not lose everything. These tips can be useful for anyone wishing to stay safe as they shop.

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